Australian International Tea Expo 2018

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Well, the three days long Australian International Tea Exhibition that started on 10thof September came to an end on 12thof September, but with a new beginning for Nepal Tea. The expo gave us a platform to showcase our specialty teas in the Australian market.


Our three-day exhibition at the Australian International Tea Expo turned out to be a success. We were able to meet our potential wholesale buyers as well as Australian Tea Masters who were very fond of our specialty teas. We exhibited 16 varieties of teas and all of them were appreciated and loved by our stall visitors. Nevertheless, the favorites ones were Golden Tips, Silver Needle, White Tips, White Open Leaf and Summer Black. White Open Leaf was favorite among Australian-Chinese Tea Masters and Golden Tips among the Australian. Our teas were loved by people of different backgrounds and nationalities; remarkably from New Zealand, China, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, France, Holland and different State Territories of Australia. New Zealanders were interested in Gold Tips and Golden Needle noticeably. Golden Tips, Summer Black, Silver Needle, White Tips and Green Tea were specifically approached by potential wholesale buyers.

Golden Leaf Awards 2018

Golden Tips – Gold Trophy

Silver Tips – Bronze Medal

White Open Leaf – Silver Medal


These awards belong to all the small tea farmers of Nepal. It reflects their hard work, dedication, and love for their tea. Just like any other good art and creation, good teas only come from farmers with the aforementioned characteristics.


We would like to thank Australian Tea Masters and Shayrn Johnston for giving us this opportunity to promote Nepal Tea in a proper manner for the first time in Australia. Also, to all the visitors who gave us feedback full of positive energy… thanks, and warm hugs.

Thanks to all the awesome Tea Masters in the judging panel.

Thanks to Project Unnati Ramesh Bhandari for making up to the exhibition all the way from Nepal.

Thank you, Jeni Dodd, for helping us with your expertise throughout this event.

The journey ahead looked exciting with so many interesting avenues to walk to. Well, that’s what our Summer Black learned from the conversation between our Golden Tips and Silver Needle.


There will be teas, Nepal Tea!

Specialty Tea Association of Nepal (STAN)

Discover Nepal Tea – Australia

Golden Leaf Awards 2018

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