Melbourne Tea Festival 2019

July 21st 2019 – It was a cold and misty morning in Melbourne. We reached the venue, Meat Market, at 5:30 in the morning and started preparing for the day. We had so much fun decorating our stall but we were a little worried about the weather since it was forecasted to be a rainy day. But as we entered, we entered for a good 12 hours, so we did not have a clue of whatever happened to the weather for the rest of the day. Later, we came to know that it turned out to be a gloomy day with few periodic showers. So, we want to thank all the visitors for making it to the festival regardless of the weather.

The First session door opened at 9:00 am, as it was scheduled, without any delays or interruptions. And the pouring rituals began. Although we were busy pouring from one teacup to another, we were simultaneously able to answer all of the questions asked by our tea tasters.  We encountered many visitors that would first taste teas from various stallholders and then only decide which vendors to buy from. We actually loved this trend and were taken away by their love for our teas when they actually came back to buy. That was a proud moment for us and our teams back home in Nepal.

The Second session began at 1:30 pm and was identical to the first session. Plenty of people who read our story appreciated us for our initiative, and that made us feel proud. Thanks to all of those who read our story.

As predicted and as always, our Golden Tips took many people by surprise. We had many visitors that came looking for this tea in particular as they were recommended by their tea mates. Having said that, we also came across numerous visitors that were into White, Green and Oolong and they loved the Himalayan taste; particularly the Green Tea.

Our Mai-Pokhari Oolong and Himalayan Ruby made their debut in the Australian market (Yay !!) that day and the responses were ridiculously good, which had us on cloud nine. We ran out of stock for these two and we still had people who came over to get their Oolong pouches. We believe that our Himalayan Ruby is going to be a new mate for breakfast for most of our Ruby buyers.

Although it was our first appearance at the Melbourne Tea Festival, we and most importantly our TEAs received so much love and appreciations from the visitors. We would like to thank the wonderful people of Melbourne that attended the festival and the organizing team that made this happen.

A day that witnessed such a large gathering of people, for one thing, TEA!

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