Golden Leaf Award 2019


Australian International Tea Expo 2019

We are very much honored to receive the Best Global Tea Initiative Award. We have always appreciated the contributions made by Australian International Tea Expo. It has been a special experience for us to participate in the awards for the last two years since 2018. We would like to thank the Australian International Tea Expo and the Golden Leaf Award for the recognition, and also for their uncompromising effort in promoting tea culture in Australia. We hope to work together again in the coming years.

Competing on Golden Leaf Awards for the category (Best Global Tea Initiative) was a new thing.

The concept of the “Tea Initiative” category is bold. It implores more than just tea.

In 2018, our participation in Best Tea Categories won 3 awards. Our Golden Tips won the Gold Trophy whereas Summer Black and White Tea won the Silver and Bronze respectively. But this year, we wanted something new, something different, something that defines us.

Australian International Tea Expo 2018

The campaign Discover Nepal Tea was initiated by the Specialty Tea Association of Nepal in 2017 although the framework had begun a year earlier. With the support of USAID in its initial stage and UNNATI Denmark in the latter years, the campaign took a strong turn in 2018 after participating in World Tea Exhibitions in the USA, Australia, and China. The main purpose of the campaign was to promote small farmers and their teas. In late 2018, Nepal Tea and Coffee Board concluded the official registration process of the Nepal Tea logo, which came as an advantage to our campaign. Discover Nepal Tea became a complete and perfect picture.

World Tea Expo Las Vegas 2018

‘Back then, people wouldn’t know of Nepalese Tea. Even if some of them knew, but they wouldn’t know the involvement of small farmers. Promoting Nepal Tea has been an expedition of some kind. We’ve had an overwhelming experience at times to see the people’s reaction – the reaction of the end-point consumers. It looked as if they have discovered something new, something that tastes different, something which also comes with stories of the Himalayas. Although few in numbers, we can now be sure that people are at least beginning to recognize Nepal Tea and the small tea farmers of Nepal. Our campaign is still on.’ 

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