Golden Leaf Award 2019


Australian International Tea Expo 2019

Back then, people wouldn’t know of Nepalese Tea, and even if some of them knew, but they wouldn’t know the involvement of small farmers. Promoting Nepal Tea for us has been a new joy-ride. It has been an overwhelming experience for us at times to see the people’s reaction, the reaction from the end-point consumer level. They seemed to have discovered something new, something noble, something that tastes different streaming exciting stories of the Himalayas, Nepal. There are so many moments that I can’t seem to describe here in a few words, but it is certain that people are beginning to recognize Nepal Tea and the small farmers of Nepal little by little, and of course, their world-class unique teas from the foothills of the Himalayas. But it’s not done yet. There are many works to be done.

Working with farmers, producers, and the association, consumers and so on… it’s not easy but it isn’t that hard either, and because, we love promoting Nepal Tea and Small Farmers of Nepal. Our initiative, our mission, is an ongoing process, to work together with the small tea farmers and promote their Nepal Tea on the global platform. We are now in our infant stage, we have a long way to go!

We would like to thank the Australian International Tea Expo, Golden Leaf Award and Australian Tea Masters for the recognition.

– Discover Nepal Tea

Specialty Tea Association of Nepal (STAN)

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