Himalayan Black Tea

Nepali black teas stand apart from the black teas produced from other tea producing regions of the world. These teas showcase the diversity of Nepali tea producers to exhibit all kinds of seasonal qualities of high-grade whole leaf teas at economical offers. These teas accommodate a space to offer high grown Nepali tea to a curious tea drinker, all over the world.
The Nepali high grown graded black leaf teas can be easily identified by judging the appearance of the leaves. Leaf size consistency, twist, and curl, and especially the colour also lends a proximate idea of the seasons and expected the colour of the liquor. While the early spring teas are bright green and turn darker at the end of the spring, the summer teas have a jet black with a purple hue and the autumn teas are intensively colourful with colour ranging from red, orange, purple, green and black.