Golden Tips

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Plucking Standard: Hand-picked, Leaf and a bud


Bright sunset golden hue, fruitier notes, crispy, wild honey.

The Golden tips tea may be distinguished from golden needles tea by having a close look at the infused (wet) leaves. Only a small first leaf and a bud are used to make this beauty. It has a remarkable sweet honey-like note and a nutty dry feel finish but more pronounced. It has more body and may have fruitier notes to offer according to seasonal variations. A bright sunset golden hue that floats in the rim of the cup assures the true attributes of a good Golden Tips tea.


This style of tea is generally picked in the fields above altitudes of 1500 meters above the sea level in Nepal. The required leaves qualification is – the presence of a lush hairy coat beneath or in the underside of the first leaf and its size. Leaves are assumed suitable when serration of the first leaf is inverted slightly, which indicates that it has just transformed from a bud. These green shoots are painstakingly difficult to pick and demand high skills and speed. These leaves have better concentrations of flavonoids at times while the day length is longer.


Buds are withered for several hours with natural air, slowly blown from underneath until the tip of the buds turn or tilt backward. The amount of moisture is precisely judged to enhance the enzymes and flavour index. Some Golden Tips are rolled and most of them are just hand pressed so that they acquire sharp shapes. Then the buds are dried to finish. The length of processing this style of tea largely contributes to the colour and body of the tea. Good teas take 24 to 26 hours to finish. These teas are subject to a soft withering, simultaneous cooling, and heating process. The green shoots also go through a regime of programmed rolling. Slow baking is an integral part of processing these teas, while they are finally fired in high temperatures.


UFC Code: 28-T1
E00586379 – N0298565
Elevation – 1950

Location: Sakhejung, Ilam Municipality 01, Ilam, Nepal
Depending Households: 84
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UFC Code 197-T2
E00583772 N02976929
Elevation 1456

Location: Deumai 8, Ilam, Nepal
Depending Households: 50
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Kissan Ko / Farmers

UFC Code 29-T1
E00592067 N0298562
Elevation 1867

Farmers Tea Industry (Kissan Ko)
Location: Jasbire, Ilam Municipality 4, Ilam, Nepal
Depending Households: 156


1 tsp per cup | 90ºC – 100ºC | 3 minutes

(Cold brew) 2 tsp per cup | Refrigerate | 6 – 8 hours

1 review for Golden Tips

  1. Xed Arabiran (verified owner)

    Drinkable, but not great.
    I bought a tin of the Sakhejung tea and was disappointed. I expected to be met with fruity, or chocolatey notes but what I received was akin to tasting cardboard. It’s worse than drinking store brand teas because I paid extra for these. Funnily enough I was able to drink the samples of the other teas provided to me but not this one. It’s as if the leaves were left outside.

    My notes were: woody, flat. I could not drink Sakhejung tea black.

    • admin

      Hi Xed, thank you for the review. We are sad to hear about your experience with our teas. We will address this issue and try to find out what happened in this particular case. We will contact you and let you know how we can amend this. We apologise that we couldn’t meet your expectations. Your insight is valuable to us so that we can improve. Once again, thank you and apologies.

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