Net Wt: 50 g

Type: Handcrafted
Plucking Standard: Hand-picked assorted leaves

Brew: 1 tsp per cup | 90ºC | 2 – 4 Minutes | 2 x Steep

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100% handcrafted black tea made by Namrata Rai. This type of handmade black tea is produced at home by small farmers from the tea leaves grown in their own gardens. This black tea is made of two different cultivars of bigger leaves and medium-size leaves. The dry leaves have lot tea hair which gathers flop in the liquor, therefore it is recommended that the tea is rinsed before proper brewing. It’s a very small batch production, a definition of a pure Nepali hand-made black tea meant for their own home/household consumption.

Taste and flavour profile: Red hue orange liquor, mild and buttery.



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