Plucking Standard: Hand-picked, Two leaves and a bud
Origin: Jasbire Chiya Prasodhan



Golden hue liquor, exhibits full-bodied complex fruity aroma, cinnamon, clove, and pepper.

Himalayan Golden Tea may be distinguished from Golden Needle by having a close look at infused (wet) leaves. The open two leaves and a bud distinguish this tea from other golden teas and they also allow more surface area for full oxidation.


This tea is generally picked from fields that are 1500 meters above the sea level in Nepal. Cultivars or bushes that have undergone deep style of pruning after five consecutive years of picking only qualify for this kind of tea. The two internodes in between the bud and the two leaves contribute to the higher complexity of enzymes and flavonoids.


The leaves are withered for several hours with conditioned air, slowly blown from underneath until the leaves turn flaccid but retain enough moisture to transfer complexes from the core of the cells to the outer layers of the leaves. The leaves are rolled to an extent where the leaves turn wiry and the juices pour out profusely. The leaves are oxidized then for a long period of time and baked at constant temperatures. While baking, these teas are turned several times and finally fired at high temperatures.

1 tsp per cup | 90ºC – 95ºC | 3 – 4 minutes

(Cold brew) 2 tsp per cup | Refrigerate | 6 – 8 hours


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