Plucking Standard: Hand-picked, furry buds
Origin: Jasbire Chiya Prasodhan

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Pale-yellow liquor, spring dewdrops, mellow aftertaste of ripened toasted bananas

Hand-picked with a great care Silver Needles is one of our Bestsellers. Silver Needle has a mellow aftertaste of ripe toasted bananas and the goodness of the morning Himalayan spring dewdrop, with a pale-yellow liquor. These subtle buds carry the characteristics of the exotic environment where they are grown. Likewise, they also vary from village to village depending on wide-ranging soils of Nepal.


The silver needle usually is a post-spring picking. The buds come from a china hybrid variety, carrying enough shiny hairs. These high-end leaves are grown at altitudes more than 1500 meters above sea level in the Eastern Districts of Nepal, especially in Ilam, Dhankuta, and Panchthar.
The buds are the first and the finest pickings from bushes that are pruned halfway through the stem, during the winter. That consequently supports the bush to produce fresh vegetation during the spring in abundance. The buds appear to be shiny and lush in the field allowing to pluck at the beginning of its pubescence.


Hand-picked with a great care, Silver Needles are let to oxidize at the temperature below 15˚C while soft air is blown from underneath till buds are naturally dried to optimum and thereafter retaining their silvery hairs. Then they are baked in low temperatures (70-75 C) for long hours until a crisp and ‘hayish’ (wet straw) fragrance or aroma is emitted from the dry buds.

1 tsp per cup | 70ºC – 80ºC | 2 – 3 minutes

(Cold brew) 2 tsp per cup | Refrigerate | 8 – 12 hours


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