Net Wt: 50 g

Plucking Standard: Blunt bud and overgrown leaves
Origin: Mai Pokhari Tea Industry


Orange and red hue liquor, crispy astringent, mellow buttery, fruity with a reminiscent of wild berries.

Chunky, inconsistent yet flamboyant colorful well-twisted leaves with layered complexes of flavor defines the best style Nepali Oolong, once famous as with the name Red Panda in Russia. This is progressive oxidized Oolong that changes with the seasons, with harvests.


Cultivar selection and segregation in processing is the key to make this Oolongs. Judgement of choosing a particular day for picking and time of picking also makes a remarkable affect in the finished profiles of this tea. A consistent size of two leaf and a bud selected and picked in warm dry weather contributes largely to the qualities of this Oolong.


The degree of wither varies upon the day to day weather but is restricted to a shorter length by using gentle conditioned forced air. As the name depicts the leaves are then rolled either by hand or wrapped in a cloth. The drying process of these Oolong are short and a good mass of hot air is required to finish these Oolongs.

1 tsp per cup | 70ºC – 80ºC | 2 – 3 minutes

(Cold brew) 2 tsp per cup | Refrigerate | 6 – 8 hours


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