Net Wt: 50 g

Plucking Standard: Hand-picked, Leaf and a Bud

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Yellowish liquor, minerals, flowery, fruity fragrance.

‘Wise old eyebrow, distinguished abundant snow-white tea hairs.’ Picked during the late Monsoon Harvest, while the leaves are drenched becoming delicate with abundant waters, produces enough tea-hairs in everyday picking. These White Teas are a bit bolder in taste with a hint of grassier and sometimes floral notes. Selection of correct cultivars’ lead to better chunky looking white teas.


The peony (a ripe bud set) or the first semi-erect leaves are picked along with the buds-when the sun is at its best, for this type of White Tea. Selection of correct cultivars’ lead to better chunky looking White Teas. They are hand-picked from bushes that have undergone a deep style of prune in Winter months from the previous year.


These White Teas are processed within 20-24 hours after the leaves are harvested. The leaves are withered with natural air, slightly twisted with a gentle roll and immediately dried in low temperatures. Some processors fire these teas at high temperatures before they are packed. These particular White Teas vary amongst Processors. The finished leaves have different shades of grey and green leaves attached to an attractive hairy bud.


UFC Code 29-T1
E00592067 N0298562
Elevation 1867

Farmers Tea Industry
Location: Jasbire, Ilam Municipality 4, Ilam, Nepal
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1 tsp per cup | 70ºC – 80ºC | 2 – 3 minutes

(Cold brew) 2 tsp per cup | Refrigerate | 8 – 12 hours


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