Net Wt: 50 g

Plucking Standard: Hand-picked, Two leaves and a bud

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Also called First Flush, this picking begins in early Spring and end during mid-May. Almost all good cultivars are mixed during the picking which leads to a complex character of the finished product. High grown tea bushes from altitudes that vary from 1200-1800 meters are picked to make Nepali Spring Black tea.


Lush green leaves are withered for a period of 8 to 12 hours with high volume conditioned the air, leaving the leaves to dry considerably. While these leaves are rolled for a very short period of 5 to 10 minutes without any deliberate abrasion, they are dried immediately.


UFC Code 29-T1
E00592067 N0298562
Elevation 1867

Location: Jasbire, Ilam Municipality 4, Ilam, Nepal
Depending Households: 156
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UFC Code 197-T2
E00583772 N02976929
Elevation 1456

Location: Deumai 8, Ilam, Nepal
Depending Households: 50
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Pale lemon liquor, greenish-black, mildly astringent, vegetal.

Spring Black is a carefully hand-picked seasonal two leaves and a bud picking of Spring. A feeling of a lively Himalayan outburst after a long grey Winter could be imagined with this cup of tea. This tea reveals a refreshing mild astringency that remains memorable for a long time in the palate. It lends a crisp bite of vegetal or grassy flavour. The colour of the dry tea leaves portrays a bright greenish bloom in a grey backdrop. The liquor exhibits a clean pale lemon colour.

These two spring tea are distinctly different in taste from one another. The tea leaves are from two seprate farms with different micro-climate condition and terrior. The production method may be similar in general, but the art of making teas depends on the hands of the maker.

Spring Black (Jasbire)

Jasbire Spring Black tea has amber liquor slightly brighter than Laliguras Spring Black liquor. It’s crispy with a mellow astringent feeling, and the sweetness that lingers on the sideways of your taste bud feels like forever. It is the 5th year of Jasbire Spring Black Tea in Australia. Needless to go into detail about this tea if you’re familiar with the name Sharad Subba or Jasbire.

Spring Black (Laliguras)

The dry appearance of Laliguras Spring Black tea is colourful to look at – from furry greenish white to the traces of brown shades of fermentation on the underside of the leaves. It’s mild with floral hints as if you’re drinking white tea, but the finishing note takes you back to the first flush’s astringency and lingering sweetness. Megh Bahadur Bista (producer) is a hidden gem, and he is regarded highly by the tea community of Ilam regardless of social media attention.


1 tsp per cup | 80ºC – 100ºC | 3 – 4 minutes


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