Net Wt: 50 g

First Flush 2019
Plucking Standard: Hand-picked, Two leaves and a bud

Origin: Jasbire Chiya Prasodhan


Pale lemon liquor, greenish-black, mildly astringent, vegetal.

Spring Black is a carefully hand-picked seasonal two leaves and a bud picking of Spring. A feeling of a lively Himalayan outburst after a long grey Winter could be imagined with this cup of tea. This tea reveals a refreshing mild astringency that remains memorable for a long time in the palate. It lends a crisp bite of vegetal or grassy flavour. The colour of the dry tea leaves portrays a bright greenish bloom in a grey backdrop. The liquor exhibits a clean pale lemon colour.


Also called First Flush, this picking begins in early Spring and end during mid-May. Almost all good cultivars are mixed during the picking which leads to a complex character of the finished product. High grown tea bushes from altitudes that vary from 1200-1800 meters are picked to make Nepali Spring Black tea.


Lush green leaves are withered for a period of 8 to 12 hours with high volume conditioned air, leaving the leaves to dry considerably. While these leaves are rolled for a very short period of 5 to 10 minutes without any deliberate abrasion, they are dried immediately.

1 tsp per cup | 80ºC – 100ºC | 3 – 4 minutes

(Cold brew) 2 tsp per cup | Refrigerate | 6 – 8 hours


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